COLLEGES MAIL – Reminders/Information

Dear Parents/Carers

All welcome to a Family fun day at The Fields Childrens Centre.  Saturday 30 March 10.00.a.m. – 1.00.p.m.

Children’s bag

Please make sure that children’s bags are topped up with spare clothing.

Snack Donations

We have fruit baskets located in each room and it would be very much appreciated if parents could bring some fruit/vegetables to share with the nursery when dropping off their children.

Please be aware that there are children in the nursery who have allergies and intolerances which include nuts and dairy products.  We ask that you do not bring any nuts/nut based items and any food found in children’s bags will be removed. 

School Fund Donation

Please remember to bring in £1 towards resources when you feel able.

Wellie boots donations

Any donation of spare wellies will be much appreciated.

Lost Property

Between now and Easter, there will be lost property items displayed on the bench next to the path as you come into the garden, so please look out upon collection/drop off.

Kind regards,

Slavka Houlder

Admin Assistant