Absence & Illness

Absence from School

If your child is absent from school, please make sure you do one of the following to let us know the reason:

Extended Absence

Colleges Nursery School is regularly oversubscribed. If your child does not attend they are taking the place that could be benefitting another child.
Think carefully before you plan an extended holiday. Please be aware that if you choose to take your child out of nursery for a period of time greater than 6 weeks then you may forfeit your nursery place.

Infectious Diseases

The following guidelines are taken from the Health Protection Agency (PHE) – ‘Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities’:

Diarrhoea and sickness are infectious and can spread very rapidly with young children. Please do not send your child back to school after such attacks for a clear 48 hours following their last episode of sickness or diarrhoea.

Usual Incubation Period: 11-21 days
Minimal Period of Exclusion: 6 days from onset of rash

No period of exclusion but treatment recommended

German Measles (Rubella)
Usual Incubation Period: 14-21 days
Minimal Period of Exclusion: 14 days from onset of rash-please inform school so we can notify parents

Hand, foot & Mouth
No exclusion period

Usual Incubation Period: varied
Minimal Period of Exclusion: until lesions have healed or 48 hours after commencing antibiotic treatment

Usual Incubation Period: 10-15 days
Minimal Period of Exclusion: 4 days from onset of rash

Usual Incubation Period: 15-24 days
Minimal Period of Exclusion: Until swelling has subsided

Scarlet Fever
Child can return to nursery 24 hours after commencing appropriate antibiotic treatment

Slapped Cheek (fifth disease)
No period of exclusion

Whooping cough
Usual Incubation Period: 7-10 days
Minimal Period of Exclusion: 21 days from onset of paroxysmal cough

For other conditions, following this link to the PHE exclusions table