Dear Parents and Carers

 We are looking forward to seeing your children at normal starting times for their nursery session today.

We will be welcoming back spectators for the obstacle courses at 10.30 am and at 2.30 pm via the nursery gate.

Due to the high, humid temperatures we have been experiencing,  staff have put extra safeguards in place to keep your children safe and well during our Obstacle Course this morning and afternoon.

The children will be seated in the shade, wearing sun hats. Water and drinks will be available regularly for them and an indoor space to retreat to if needed.

For the wellbeing of the spectators, as the spectator area doesn’t have much shade.  Can we suggest that parents may want to bring along their  own shade – a hat or umbrella,

as well as a drink.

The event should take 45 minutes maximum, please let keyworkers know if you are planning on taking your child home with you after the event.


All Staff at Colleges Nursery School