COLLEGES MAIL – Woodland Adventure

Dear Parents/Carers

This year we are very lucky to have access to a beautiful piece of woodland within walking distance from Nursery, where we would like to take the children and where they will be
encouraged and supported to explore and discover this new environment in a relaxed and safe way.

Each group will be visiting the woods three times this year.

The sessions will include exploring, climbing trees, den building and cooking on a fire. We will also make the children aware of the animals that share the woodland environment and gain awareness of respect for the woodland.

The adult:child ratio out of school is 1:2 therefore we will need volunteers to come with us. If you cannot make the dates that your child is going on but can make one of the other dates you will be
most welcome! If you are not sure when your child is going, please ask your child’s key worker or Mrs Creasey.  A consent and parent volunteer form will be given to you by your keyworker, please can you return the completed forms by Wednesday 2 March.

Starlings, Sparrows, Doves, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers
Tuesday 08 March AM Tuesday 26 April AM Tuesday 14 June AM
Owls and Kingfishers
Thursday 10 March PM Thursday 28 April PM Thursday 16 June PM
Blackbirds and Owls
Tuesday 15 March AM Tuesday 17 May AM Tuesday 21 June AM
Starlings and Wrens
Thursday 17 March PM Thursday 19 May PM Thursday 23 June PM

Woodpeckers and Blackbirds

Thursday 24 March PM Thursday 26 May PM Thursday 30 June PM


We will be leaving the nursery at 9.30a.m. or 1:15p.m. prompt and we will be back at nursery by
11.30a.m. or 3.00p.m. ready for lunch or normal pick up time.

We have spare waterproof clothing in Nursery but if your child already has waterproof trousers and a coat please ensure they have them on the Woodland Adventure days. We will also need:

  • Wellies/sensible footwear (for walking through wet grass and climbing over logs etc.)
  • In winter – Warm clothing (e.g. A fleece/jumper, tracksuit bottoms, hats and gloves)
  • In summer – Sunhat (please apply sun cream before the session)

This is an exciting part of the Colleges curriculum, and we look forward to taking the children on a woodland adventure!

Amanda Bannister


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with your keyworker.
For more information on the benefits of outdoor learning, you might like to watch: