Colleges Mail 24/06/09

Dear Parents

Here is our ‘This Week at Colleges We Are’ for your information.


We are getting ready for the arrival of our caterpillars and finding mini beasts in the garden.  Experimenting with mixing colours.

Daisy Room

Daisy room are also getting ready for the arrival of our caterpillars.  We are harvesting some of our vegetables to eat at snack time.


We are very grateful for the recent works by Skanska in our garden.  As part of their considerate contractors approach to engage with the community where possible, they have kindly resurfaced our pathway around the garden.   It is now very smooth and the children are whizzing along on the bikes and scooters.


We would like to invite you all to attend a Schemas session.  Schemas is a repeated action, often seen in the behaviours of babies and young children, which is part of their development.  Schemas are linked directly to how the young brain developments and grows.  As children repeat their actions they make important connections in their brains which makes them modify and change their behaviour.  There will be two sessions, you are welcome to attend either.  They will take place in the Nursery on Wednesday 26 June at 9.15 a.m. and 1.15 p.m.  If you have any questions or would like further details please speak to Mrs Nemer or Mrs Creasey.  Please make every effort to attend.


Our obstacle course for Nursery and Daisy room children will be taking place next week on Wednesday 10 July, further information to follow shortly.

Save the Date

(Please note: dates and times may be subject to change.  Newly added or altered dates will appear in red)

Summer Term 2019
Wednesday 26
Schemas Session 9.15 a.m. & 1.15 p.m.
Monday 1 Rose Group Forest Explorers (AM)
Buttercup Group Forest Explorers (PM)
Wednesday 3 Lavender Group Forest Explorers (AM)
Poppy Group Forest Explorers (PM)
Wednesday 10 Obstacle Course
Friday 19 International Evening 4-6 p.m.
Tuesday 23 Summer Term closes
Wednesday 24 Staff Training Day (Nursery closed)

Please note that the Nursery is closed on Staff Training Days.