Save Nursery Schools

Save Nursery Schools

The government is planning to change the way it funds nursery education. These changes mean that nursery schools will no longer receive enough funding to be able to operate.

As a result of our previous campaign we were given interim supplementary funding from March 2017 – March 2020 from the government.  Beyond March 2020 we still have no guarantee of any further funding.

If this happens Maintained Nursery Schools across the country will close.

In Cambridgeshire there are six maintained nursery schools;

Brunswick Nursery School

Colleges Nursery School

The Fields

Histon Early Years Centre

Homerton Early Years Centre

Huntingdon Nursery School

On Tuesday 4 December we are holding a public meeting to discuss our Save Nursery Schools campaign.  Please join us at this meeting:

The Fields, Galfrid Road, Cambridge, CB5 8ND @ 7.00pm

With everyone’s support we know that we can make an impact