Colleges Mail – 21/9/18

Dear Parents/Carers

 Welcome to Colleges Mail!

 Colleges Mail is an important link between Colleges and parents used to pass on weekly activity information, letters about trips, events and other miscellaneous information.  As a rule we try not to send out paper copies so please keep an eye on your inbox.  The subject line of all Colleges Mails will be, ‘Colleges Mail’ – followed by ‘ACTION’ or ‘INFORMATION’ as appropriate. At the bottom of this mail there will be a Save the Date list for your diary.

 Wraparound Care Bills

Bills for Wraparound Care and lunches are sent out by email at the beginning of each month in advance, with the exception of September which will be on October’s bill.  You should receive your first bill during the first week of October.  All bills after this will be sent on the 1st of the month.  You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, cash or workplace childcare vouchers.  If you need our childcare provider details to set up vouchers, please come and ask in the Office.

 Fruit Basket

We have fruit baskets in the Nursery and Daisy room and it would be very much appreciated if parents could bring some fruit/vegetables to share with the nursery when dropping off their children. 

 School Fund

Please remember to bring in £1 towards resources.


To keep our children safe can parents please ensure that doors are not held open for other people. The use of phones is not permitted anywhere in the school.

 Aspens Lunch Menus

Autumn Term lunch menus are attached.  The menu is also displayed in the cloakroom.  For those who have children with allergies and stay for lunch, if you haven’t already done so can you please look at the menu and let us know in the office if there is anything your child cannot eat etc. Menus attached.


If your child has been prescribed medication by the doctor please inform and complete a form with your keyworker.


Please ensure that you do not send any food from home except for fruit or vegetables as we have children with a range of allergies at the nursery.  Any food found in children’s bags will be removed.


During next term we will be exploring all things to do with hands, we will be getting very creative with all kinds of media.  We were wondering if anyone is or knows of a potter who would be happy to come into the nursery and demonstrate some pottery techniques with the children.

 If you have any questions please contact the office and we will be happy to help.


 Faye Hall

Administration Assistant 

Autumn Term 2018   Staff Training day – Tuesday 4 September
Term Start date – (see individual sheet for your child’s start date)
Staff Training day Friday 19 October
Half Term Mon 22 October – Fri 26 October
Autumn Term Closes Wed 19 December 2018
Spring Term 2019 Staff Training day Thurs 3 January 2019
Term starts Friday 4 January
Half Term Monday 18 February – Friday 22 February
Spring Term Closes Friday 5 April
Summer Term
Term starts Tuesday 23 April
May Day Bank Holiday  Monday 6 May
Half Term Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May
Staff Training day Monday 3 June 
Summer Term closes Tuesday 23 July
Staff Training day Wed 24 July