Colleges Mail 14/5/18

Dear Parents


Please ensure that your child’s bag is well stocked with spare clothes.  We now have no spare boy’s underwear.  Please also return any clothes you have borrowed from us.

Please remember to apply sun cream to your child before attending.


Do you have any younger children?  Please fill in an application form as soon as possible.  You can do this as soon as your child is one year old.

Forest Explorers

Forest Explorers outings are taking place next half term.  Please return your forms if you are able to help on these.

Wraparound and Daisy Room Deposits

The deposit payments you made at the beginning of term will be retuned to you shortly via a credit on your account rather than a refund at the end of the academic year.

Arbury Road Cycleway

The next phase of construction is due to start on 30th April.  Temporary traffic lights will be place and there will also be changes to Citi 1 bus stops and routes.  Further information can be found at

 Save the Date

(Please note: dates and times may be subject to change.  Newly added or altered dates will appear in red)


Summer Term 2018   

Staff Training day Friday 25 May

Half Term                                           Mon 28 May – Fri 1 June

Life Education Classroom Tue 10 and Wed 11 July

International Family Evening Fri 20 July

Summer Term Closes                      Tuesday 24 July 2018


Please note that the Nursery is closed on Staff Training Days.