Colleges Mail 28/9/2017

Welcome to Colleges Mail!

 Colleges Mail is an important link between Colleges and parents used to pass on weekly activity information, letters about trips, events and other miscellaneous information.  As a rule we try not to send out paper copies so please keep an eye on your inbox.  The subject line of all Colleges Mails will be, ‘Colleges Mail’ – followed by ‘ACTION’ or ‘INFORMATION’ as appropriate. At the bottom of this mail there will be a Save the Date list for your diary.

 Daisy Room

Please be aware that the Daisy Room will now be running term only and will not be open during the holidays.

 Settling In

The children are settling well and we will be continuing to get to know each other.

 Lunches and Wraparound Bills

Bills for lunches and wraparound are sent out by email at the beginning of each month in advance, with the exception of September which will be on October’s bill.  You should receive your first bill during the first week of October.  All bills after this will be sent on the 1st of the month.  You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, cash or workplace childcare vouchers.  If you need our childcare provider details to set up vouchers, please come and ask in the Office.

 Fruit Basket

We have a fruit basket and it would be very much appreciated if parents could bring some fruit/vegetables to share with the nursery when dropping off their children. 


We would be grateful for donations of boxes for the children to play with along with our ‘Whatever Next’ story. 


Please can we remind you to ensure all clothing is named, especially coats and boots.

 Internal Doors

To keep our children safe can parents please ensure that they do not hold the doors open for others.




Save the Date

(Please note: dates and times may be subject to change.  Newly added or altered dates will appear in red)

 Autumn Term 2017                          


 October                                              Staff Training day Fri 20 October

Half Term                                            Mon 23 October – Fri 27 October


 Autumn Term Closes                          Tuesday 19 December 2017


Spring Term 2018                              Staff Training day Wed 3 January 2018

                                                            Term starts Thursday 4 January                                

Half Term                                            Mon 12 February – Fri 16 February                          

Spring Term Closes                             Thursday 29 March 2018


Summer Term                                    Staff Training day Monday 16 April

Term Starts Tuesday 17 April

                                                            May Day Bank Holiday Mon 7 May

                                                             Staff Training day Friday 25 May

Half Term                                            Mon 28 May – Fri 1 June                                           

Summer Term Closes                         Tuesday 24 July 2018


 Please note that the Nursery is closed on Staff Training Days.