Staff List

Nursery School Staff

Executive Head Teacher Mrs Amanda Bannister
Assistant Headteacher Miss Janey Morrison (Daffodils Group Keyworker)
Mrs Gill Learmond
Teacher Ms Stephanie Creasey (Roses and Poppies Groups Keyworker)
Teacher Mrs Mona Nemer (Bluebells Group Keyworker)
Nursery Nurse Ms Samantha Butler (Lavender Group Keyworker)
Teaching Assistant Ms Sue Calderwood
Teaching Assistant Mrs Alison Cowie
Teaching Assistant Mrs Lahia Dillon
Teaching Assistant Ms Rachida Rasool (Snowdrops Group Keyworker)
Teaching Assistant Mrs Rachel Wyett
Lunchtime Assistant Miss Amy Ozakpinar
Lunchtime Assistant Mrs Harshida Chavda
Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Tracey Brooks


Daisy Room Staff

Childcare Manager Mrs Helen Hutson
Nursery Nurse Miss Charlotte Sizer
Teaching Assistant Mrs Gill Jenkins
Teaching Assistant Miss Etienne Creasey-Keeler
Teaching Assistant Mrs Lisa Whitton


Office Staff

Finance Officer Mrs Joann Sanjeev
Administrative Assistant Mrs Veronica Heath
Administrative Assistant Miss Faye Nunn

All staff employed are DBS checked and references are taken up.